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Season 4: Episode 73: Class Rings August 23, 2009

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The only thing worse than the series of Tori episodes is knowing that the Miss Bliss ones are right behind them. Ok, so aside from Jenna, I can pretty much assure you that she is the only one on the planet that likes them so she’ll be a happy camper when starting on Monday we travel to Indiana and stop off at JFK Junior High. I’ll have to find something to fill my time on the Daily Bell next week as I can assure you that there will only be ONE entry on the Stevie episode due to air next Wednesday.

Since I missed the episode about Tori’s arrival (and I’m sure my faithful readers know her story) I won’t spend too much time filling you in on her. Basically, Jessie and Kelly mysteriously disappear and Tori, a Harley riding, leather jacked wearing, Jessie hair wannabe, shows up in their place. Long story short, her and Zack don’t hit it off right away until they are forced to work on a school project together. They eventually start to like each other and bada bing bada boom new romance.

On to today’s episode “Class Rings”, which is one of my favorites. The episode starts off at the senior committee meeting and two members are missing. By now Tori and Zack are quite hot and heavy and both show up late to the meeting claiming they were at the library studying – ya right! The subject of senior class rings is brought up and Zack volunteers to take on the project as the “ring leader”, promising that “deal” is his middle name.

Later on the gang gathers in the hallway and as usual Lisa finds herself ragging on poor Screech. Feeling bad for the little guy Tori asks why Lisa can just be nice to him for once. Lisa bets Tori that she couldn’t go on one date with Screech without being mean to him, but if she could survive Lisa would have to be nice to Screech for the rest of the year. Tori takes the bet and tears Zack away from his nerd swindling to ask his permission to go out with Screech. Of course Zack isn’t threatened by Screech so he says no problem. With Zack’s approval Tori asks Screech to the movies, and although Zack is his best friend he’s accepts. Tori and Screech take their seats at the local cinemaplex and Screech takes out his menagerie of odd snacks including Brazilian horseradish popcorn. A few rows back Slater, Lisa, and Zack spy on the couple – Lisa’s already celebrating her victory. A few moments go by and despite Screech ruining the ending to the movie before it began, Tori survives. Lisa’s life is over as she knows it!

The next day at the Max, Zack meets his class ring contact – Gem Diamond, Jeweler, Gemologist, GGTK (Good Guy to Know). Gem presents his collection August09 006– including the Grekow Roman 5000 which he warned his Mom to take out of his inventory. Apparently he loses money every time he sells them and he promised his dead father he’d never sell them again. Zack threatens to take his business elsewhere and it’s enough to twist Gem’s arm into making the sale. Zack signs on the dotted line and Gem scoots out of the Max checking the payphone for spare change on his way out. Zack returns to the booth where Lisa’s about to be nice to Screech to the first time. But before she can extend a friendly greeting, Screech announces that he and Tori are in love! What?! Oh boy looks like their innocent “date-bet” meant a little more than it was supposed to.

Later on Tori tries to let Screech down gently, but he doesn’t catch on. He even offers to take a can of Raid to his beloved insect collection to make her happy. Zack enters and amazingly produces the hundreds of rings that Gem’s managed to deliver only 24 hours later. Hey – Gem’s the best! When Tori’s attempts to ditch Screech fail, she asks Zack for help. In the boys restroom Zack mopes, and Slater tells Screech how heartbroken Zack is over Tori but he just isn’t willing to let her go. To solidify their love Screech offers Tori his class ring and he clasps it around her neck before she can even make a move.

What happens next is a total shocker – Lisa arrives sporting a green ring finger and before too long the entire senior class has surrounded them, all with green fingers. Who would have thought – Gem Diamond a scam artist? When Zack calls Gem and asks for his money back he learns that all sales are final. Zack thinks up a great plan that will solve both his green finger dilemma and win his woman back. Tori finds Screech, who is busy training his flea circus, and shows him the green mark on her neck. With fake tears-a-flowing Tori sobs that the first symbol of their love is … gasp… tarnished!

Screech takes off to the Max to give Gem a piece of his mind. As the second part of the plan, Zack places another call to Gem and gets him to meet him at the Max. Gem arrives and Zack delivers his scheme. He tells Gem that he wants to team up and swindle other schools into buying the phony rings. Screech finally shows up in a full ninja suit to give Gem the beating of his life! Even AC “Abnormally Cruel” Slater can’t tame the almighty Zondo. Out of fear for his safety Gem gives in to Screech’s demands and promises to give all the students new rings.

Screech is a hero and as a result gains quite the reputation with the ladies of Bayside. Realizing there just isn’t enough Screech to go around he cuts Tori loose. Now that Tori is back on the market Zack swoops back in and offers his class ring to Tori – who gratefully accepts.


Episode 64: Screech’s Spaghetti Sauce August 14, 2009

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 “The sauce you can have, but the secret she’s-a mine!”

This is by far in my top 10 of all time favorite episodes, so you can imagine my delight when I found thisvideo092 episode in the lineup. The episode starts off with the entire gang taking part in the Bayside TV station – didn’t know there was one but you can bet if it’s some sort of cool extracurricular activity that Zack and co. will be involved. Zack and Lisa are the anchors, Kelly is the weather girl, and Jessie and Slater play host to the special cooking segment where Screech cooks up his special spaghetti sauce. Robin, another student in the video productions class catches Zack and Slater’s eyes, but their bank accounts fall short of Robin’s expectations and are both shot down. The two most notorious Bayside hunks shot down? Perish the thought! The gang all gathers round to taste Screech’s sauce and are amazed at the delicious flavor! A new business opportunity arises and of course Zack has dollar bills in his eyes once again.

Using equipment in the chemistry lab, production begins and Screech’s secret sauce is ready to be sold to hungry Baysider’s everywhere! How/why the chemistry lab is equipped with conveyer belt I’ll never know, but I love that they use beakers as jars! They set up shop where else but the Max and begin selling their sauce by the truckloads. The sauce is a hit and the cash begins to roll in! Of course where’s there is money… there is Robin. Sensing his new source of wealth, Robin latches on to poor Screech and quickly becomes the object of his affections. While the rest of the gang is on to her scheme, Screech refuses to believe it and chalks it up to jealousy as she has previously rejected both Zack and Slater’s advances.

l3465e1b20001_1_20356To really send sales of Screech’s Secret Sauce through the roof the guys decide to film a commercial that can be shown on the school’s TV station. The scene is of an Italian family, where Jessie – the mother – serves only spaghetti every night. Tired of Mama’s bland sauce, Screech comes to the rescue with his spaghetti savior! The commercial gives birth to one of the greatest SBTB-isms of all time… “The sauce-a you can have, but the secret she’s mine!” Riding high on their success, Screech continues to shower Robin with extravagant gifts and expensive meals. While dining at the Max Robin asks Kelly to run next door and order her the lobster thermidor and Screech agrees stating he’d like the “lobster thermometer” too. I have to ask, if her tastes where that fancy why weren’t they eating next door in the first place?

Meanwhile, Mr. Belding receives the bill for the chemistry supplies used for bottling the sauce and can’t quite figure out where they charges came from. A mysterious man approaches Zack in the halls back at Bayside and asks if he has anything to do with Screeche’s sauce. Assuming the cookbook is interested in purchasing their secret formula, Zack’s millionaire dreams are quickly soured when he finds out this man is from the Betsy Crocker cookbook (I love it) and that this recipe has been in their cookbooks for years. Worse yet, if they don’t stop producing it immediately he’ll sue them.

Uh-oh – looks like Screech has done it again and forgot to mention that his Grandmother, who had given him the recipe, was a lousy cook and that there was no way she could have produced such a great sauce without the cookbook! Belding finally figures out that the chemistry orders belong to the secret saucers and the gang is forced to hand their profits to pay off their debt. Only one small problem remains… Screech has spent all of the money buying Robin’s affections! As if things weren’t bad enough, Screech overhears Robin talking with her friend in the hallway about how she’s just using Screech for his money. Screech finally realizes that what his friends had said before was true and all she was after was his fortune.

Feeling sorry for their friend and in need of some major cash, the gang hatches another scheme to not only put Robin in her place but pay Belding back and walk away with a little extra pocket change. Screech meets Robin at the Max and explains that he’s going to sell the recipe so that he can dedicate more time to their relationship. He mentions that there is someone meeting him there that is interested in purchasing the recipe and a disguised Zack arrives to seal the deal. Starting the bid at only $500, Robin pipes in that she would like to buy the recipe. Then she’ll not only be rich, but she can kick Screech to the curb! Eventually the final bid drives up to $2,000… but Robin only has $1,800 in her checking account and agrees to give the watch and necklace back that Screech gave her to make up the difference. Giving Screech and crew the big kiss-off she bounds out of the Max thinking she’s LA’s newest millionaire. Celebrating their victory the kids of Bayside manage to save the world again in only 30 minutes time!


Episode 58: Home for Christmas August 11, 2009

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“Security? !  This is Mr. Moody and I’m in a bad moody!”

Ok, so I have a thing about watching tv shows or movies that are Christmas themed when it’s not Christmas time.  It really bothers me – or maybe it just makes me wish that it was 50 degrees outside instead of 115.  Regardless of the reason (or the season for that matter), I don’t ever mind watching the Christmas episode of SBTB regardless the time of  year.  It’s pretty safe to say that this episode could be in my top 10.

l347a2c030000_1_1331This episode takes us out of the halls of Bayside and into the corridors of the Palisades Mall where the gang is doing much more than Christmas shopping.  Screech and  Zack take it easy for the holidays while Slater finds himself as a gift wrapper, Lisa is still candy striping at the local hospital, Jessie bravely takes on a stint as one of Santa’s helpers, and Kelly takes a job at “Moody’s Store for Men”.  For some reason, Zack’s Mom has been put in charge of a play, A Christmas Carol, that will be performed in the mall and each of the kids have roles.  If that’s not enough between jobs and memorizing lines, Lisa and the guys are also planning a Christmas party for the kids in the hospital too – sheesh!  Good thing this is an hour episode, there is a lot going on and a lot more yet to come!

While Zack and Screech make their way through the mall picking out gifts for the kids in the hospital, they run into a homeless man in the restroom.  Lucky for Screech, who has just had an accident with a baby doll who drank a little too much water, the friendly homeless man teaches him how to use the hand dryer to dry his pants.  Zack “thanks” him by slipping a few dollars into the payphone to repay him for the genius tip.

While Slater is busy dropping the last set of champagne glasses in the mall a love tv-playbook-christmas-cliches-20081222002547676connection is taking place.  Zack meets a blond girl rushing through the food court and makes it his mission to find out where she works.  Turns out her name is Laura and she works at Moody’s with Kelly.  He offers to buy her lunch and she accepts.  Before returning to work they stop for a quick visit with Santa and Jessie ushers them to the front of the line.  Laura whispers her Christmas wish in Santa’s ear… hmm I wonder what it was??

After returning Laura to work, Zack makes his way back to the food court where a small crowd is gathered around a man lying on the floor.  The man turns out to be the homeless man they met earlier.  No time to stick around and help – it’s time for the children’s party at the hospital.

Dressed in their best North Pole attire, the gang rings in the holidays with the children at the hospital.  Gifts are exchanged, the star is placed atop the tree, and snow falls magically from the sky!  Before departing, Zack suggests that they visit the homeless man from the mall.  However, a surprise visitor has already arrived – it was Laura!

Turns out that Laura is the homeless man’s daughter and the man’s name is Frank.  Zack invites them both to his house for a proper meal.  Frank describes how they became homeless and their plans for the future.   Mrs. Morris offers Laura a part in the Christmas Carol play, however Laura decides that it probably isn’t the best time to ask for time off.  Mrs. Morris then offers them a place to stay, but they politely decline.

The next day – Christmas Eve –  the gang is back at the mall for the big production.  Laura and Kelly are both working, as Laura oogles a men’s coat that she would love to buy for her Dad.  Zack arrives and asks the girls if they are ready to go.  Laura confesses that she won’t be able to join them, but Zack isn’t willing to take no for an answer.  After striking a deal with Mr Moody, he agrees to let Laura go for the play.  As they run off to get Laura prepped for her part, Kelly asks another store clerk to put aside the jacket Laura wanted and says that she’ll pay for it when she gets back.

The play goes off without a hitch, and despite only having a few minutes to memorize her lines Laura does great!  Celebrating their performance, Laura and Kelly return to the store.  Mr Moody is quite satisfied with the plugs strewn throughout the play for his store, but his good “moody” quickly sours when he realizes the coat is gone from the display.  Unable to produce a sales receipt, he accuses Laura of stealing!  Laura runs off as Kelly explains the situation, thoroughly putting him in his place.

Zack eventually finds Laura and Frank outside a Christmas tree lot and convinces them to come to his house for Christmas Eve dinner.  After dinner a surprise visitor arrives.  It’s Mr Moody and he presents Laura with a gift, the coat for her father.  A happily ever after is in order, and Frank takes a seat at the piano and closes out the show with a Christmas carol!


Spotlight On SBTB: The College Years August 7, 2009

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In many ways, Friday is the greatest day of the week.  Only one small thing gets in the way, Fridays on TBS is home to SBTB: The College Years.  I mentioned yesterday that the summer spent at Malibu Sands is not my favorite, as are the GMMB and Tori episodes.  However I failed to touch on my hatred for the college years episodes!!  Thank God it only lasted one season and did end with a trip to Vegas where we finally see Zack and Kelly tie the knot.  Why do I hate the college years you ask?  Let me count the ways…

  1. Alex and Leslie – Their characters annoy the crap out of me and that Alex’s whiney voice is like nails on a chalkboard.  What Slater ever saw in her I’ll never know.  When she wasn’t squawking like the Falcon she was crying or whining about something Slater did or didn’t do.  Same goes for Zacks attraction to Leslie – since when has Zack gone for the conservative brainy type?  Oh ya, NEVER.  Maybe he was after her money – after all her parents practically paid for have of the university buildings.saved-719351
  2. Jeremiah Lasky – This guy just comes off as a total douchbag to me – he dated a student for crying out loud!  Maybe I’m wrong but that seems like it would be a pretty big deal and that he could never teach again if someone found out.  Plus you can’t tell me that when Kelly took him to her Sorority Masqerade ball (even if he’s dressed like Zorro) that no one would know that it was him? C’mon people lets get realistic here!
  3. Where’s the Cheese? –   Ok, so I get that maybe they were trying to make the college years a little more grown up and serious but what really made SBTB so great was the cheesiness of each and every episode.  Do I really care about Slater’s passion for a Latino studies department?  Heck no – I’d rather see Slater quit the wrestling team for cooking club or Violet Bickerstaff knocking the cereamic Elvis head from it’s perch and the gang scrambling to get the money to replace it.  I just don’t find anything about the college years overly funny… plus do they really expect me to belive that during their “rave” all the frat boys wanted out of Screech was CO2?  Ok I know that its a “PG” morning teen-comedy but I think I’ll stick to the high school years myself.
  4. It’s just NOT the same as the original – I can’t honestly think of one College Year episode that I hear myself say, “I actually like this one a little!”.  Even I’ll admit that I like the Miss Bliss episode with Stevie – “I need a hotline to your heart, I need direct connection…” and I do kind of like the Tori episode with the earthquake.  The only thing worse that college years was the “New Class”.

So it’s pretty safe to say that I won’t be recapping any College Years episodes.  So stay tuned – next week the gang closes out their summer at Malibu Sands and then heads on to Palm Springs – one of my favorite “destination episodes”.  Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!!


Episode 36: Zack’s Birthday Party

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Todays episode brings us to the summer locale of the “Malibu Sands Beach Club”. I must admit, not my favorite strand of episodes (but anything is better than Miss Bliss or Tori episodes).  Still, there’s no better way to close out the summer!  The gangs been hooked up with summer jobs thanks to Lisa’s parents who happen to be members of the presitgious club.  Kelly and Slater take up their post as lifeguards, Jessie’s the receptionist, Screech is working as a waiter in the Sands Cafe, and while Zack was slated to work in food service as well, he opts for the position of “Social Director” which entails such mundane tasks as teaching beach bunnies the perfect volleyball serve or slathering their backsides with suntan oil.  SEric-Dane-Saved-By-The-Bell-eric-dane-2211576-400-316o while the whole gang works their keisters off, Lisa will spend the summer planted in a beach chair filing her nails – that must be the life!

The Malibu Sands saga also introduces two new characters to the SBTB repertoire.  Mr. Leon Kerosi – the beach club manager – who has a serious case of “short man syndrome”.  He and Zack instantly butt heads, but Leon isn’t Zacks only problem.  Kerosi’s daughter, Stacy, has just arrived from New York to oversee the summer staff.  Let’s just say that Stacy’s conservative New York persona doesn’t quite mesh well with Zacks’ California surfer dude style.  Of course, you SBTB veterans won’t fall for it – we all know the impending love connection that blossoms from these star crossed lovers!

As if the excitement of a new job and a summer away from their parents isn’t enough – it’s also time to plan a party for Zack’s (I assume 17th) birthday party!  The party was supposed to take place at Lisa’s parents beach house, but it turns out the busy surgeons have already planned a party ther for Friday night.  On to plan B and the ingenious idea to hold the party the beach club on Friday at exactly 12:01AM!  If they were smart they could have waited until Saturday night, still technically Zacks birthday, and done the party back at the beach house – but then again when do those crazy Baysiders do anything the easy way??

The only problem with the party plan is that Mr. Kerosi and Stacy aren’t quite in on the plan.  After making quite the first impression, Stacy isn’t “Ms. Popularity” among the Bayside crew and Zack made his opinion clear telling Stacy, “Do it yourself and I’ll just go surf!”. Ahh… the foreshadowing. Realizing her snobbish ways, Stacy ends up coming to the rescue when Mr. Kerosi crashes the birthday bash. I have to ask how they were able to get inside at midnight – who’s going to give a summer-temping teenager a key to the club their first week of work? Whatever… getting too hung up on logic ruins the very essence of this show anyways. Stacy saves the day… paving the way for a budding romance between her and Zack… let’s just hope the impending arrival of Craig Strand doesn’t get in the way of what could be an epic love story!